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Cyprus Introduces New Public Healthcare System

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Cyprus Introduces New Public Healthcare System
Cyprus Introduces New Public Healthcare System
Calendar23 April 2019

Cyprus will introduce a new public healthcare system (GHS) in two phases starting on 1 Jun 2019, with the second and final phase scheduled for 1 Jun 2020. Contributions to the GHS started on 1 Mar 2019 — the current employer rate is 1.85% and will increase to 2.9% on 1 Mar 2020; the employee contribution rate is 1.7% and will increase to 2.65%. 

Contributions are calculated on earnings or income capped at €180,000, and employers are responsible for paying both the employer and employees’ contributions through payroll deductions. To use the GHS, patients must enroll in the GHS Beneficiary Record online or via a personal doctor.

The first phase will cover:

  • Personal doctors; outpatient specialists; and pharmacists and laboratories

The second phase will cover:

  • Inpatient healthcare and services; healthcare offered by allied health professionals (for example, clinical dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and clinical psychologists); nurses; midwives; accident and emergency care; ambulance services; dentists; palliative healthcare services; and medical rehabilitation services

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