February 01, 2023

As of January 2023, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Washington, and Washington, DC, have laws that mandate paid leave for an employee’s own serious health condition or disability. Except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico, these jurisdictions also require paid family leave for bonding with a new child, caring for a seriously ill or injured family member, and certain other purposes.

In addition, two states — New Hampshire and Vermont — have adopted voluntary paid family and medical leave (PFML) insurance programs, and Virginia’s Bureau of Insurance regulates and approves insured family leave policies voluntarily purchased by employers. A new Michigan law offers employers a tax incentive for offering paid parental and adoption leave.

Despite common elements, differences in these mandates make compliance and administration particularly challenging for multistate employers. This GRIST provides a high-level summary of common elements of these programs, including state-by-state charts. Download the 27-page print-friendly PDF to read the full coverage.

Rich Glass
by Rich Glass

Principal, Mercer’s Law & Policy Group

Katharine Marshall
by Katharine Marshall

Principal, Mercer's Law & Policy Group

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