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Global Job Evaluation Survey: Does Job Evaluation Generate a Return on Investment?

Mercer developed the Job Evaluation Return on Investment Survey to examine the relevance of job evaluation methods in today’s business environment and to gather HR professionals’ opinions on key topics and the future of job evaluation. The report provides insights on topics including implementation challenges, average time and cost savings, transparency of communication, responsibility for job evaluation, and many others.

In total, 569 HR professionals from 56 countries participated in the survey across industries including consumer goods, high-tech, manufacturing and more. Results are provided from a global perspective and further segmented into five geographic regions: Asia, Middle East and Africa; Europe; Latin America; North America; and Pacific.

Survey Highlights

  • Organizations derived the most value-add from the following areas: Salary Benchmarking, Internal Comparability of Jobs, and Organization Alignment.
  • Participants reported both time and cost savings upon implementing a job evaluation methodology.
  • Globally, 92% of participants agreed that job evaluation helps make reliable compensation and benefits decisions.
  • Top challenges when implementing a job evaluation methodology include change management, communication, and developing a sound internal evaluation process.  

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