Employee health benefits have become a cutting-edge tool in the competition for talent and the quest  for engagement. Not the traditional insurance programs of the past, but reimagined efforts that improve health quality and enhance well-being. Employees today — particularly younger workers — want holistic health support from their employers.


The challenge for employers is to design benefits that ensure that healthcare is of high quality and is enhanced with technology so that the benefits experience mirrors what workers have come to expect in other aspects of their lives. Technology can also help companies design better plans while managing their overall risk. The payoff for reimagining employee benefits can be powerful: Research shows that companies with high employee morale significantly outperformed their peers in both bear and bull markets.


This is Health is a series of forward looking white papers developed by Mercer Marsh Benefits health and employee benefit experts to bring you insights on benefits programs that meet these challenges.


Success in the future of work will require healthy, engaged employees who experience wellness in all aspects of their lives and bring the resulting energy and focus to work. It is possible to create benefits that support well-being and manage risk, and the result of doing so can be improved productivity and results.


Download the perspectives in the series below.

DOWNLOAD "Creating Employee Benefits That Drive Engagement"



The key to developing and delivering health and wellbeing benefits that engage employees and enhance their health is to apply a “design thinking” approach that starts with an understanding of your employees’ specific pain points.


This paper explores how you should consider the whole person, personalize to differentiate, mine all available data sources and align user-friendly benefits with user-friendly communication and technology.


DOWNLOAD “The New Age of Digital Benefits”



From automating processes to using AI to diagnose disease, digital healthcare technology is changing the landscape of employee benefits for companies of all sizes. We expect the future to bring more personalization for employees; innovative programs that help workers pursue health, wellness and financial security; and new ways to reduce costs.


This paper takes a closer look at the rewards that come from digital benefits and delves into the issues that executives and human resource professionals need to consider as they move forward.



DOWNLOAD "Driving High Quality Healthcare Through Smart Benefit Design"



This paper looks at why employers should care about quality healthcare, what we mean by quality healthcare and what employers can do to help ensure quality.


Employers are in a strong position to drive quality in healthcare. By designing benefit plans that incent better care, employers can help ensure that their employees are getting the timely service and evidence-based care they need to maintain health, avoid disease and manage chronic illness.


DOWNLOAD "Managing Risks in Employee Benefit Plans"


Companies face a variety of risks in today’s interconnected world. Many companies have moved to an enterprise risk management approach to identifying and turning risk into competitive advantage.


Viewing employee benefits through a risk management lens can help companies identify ways that benefits can help minimize and manage risks related to the physical, emotional, and financial health of their workforces. Read about eight areas of risk and how to manage them effectively through solid employee health and benefits management practices.

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