The Greatest Need for Leaders Today is a Global Mindset

The Greatest Need for Leaders Today is a Global Mindset

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The Greatest Need for Leaders Today is a Global Mindset

Are your leaders able to successfully navigate today’s constantly changing and globally connected world?

Global leadership is no longer the preserve of expats or senior executives. A global leader is anyone who works across geographic and cultural boundaries. Global leaders can be found at the most senior levels or at the front line of your organization. Even early career professionals are working regionally and globally, interacting with an increasingly diverse range of colleagues and customers. This means that a wider cadre of leaders must develop the unique skillset necessary for global leadership success.

A Model for Success

Through research and collaboration with clients around the globe, Mercer has had an opportunity to observe what works in building this new breed of leaders. Our experience indicates that to achieve a global advantage through strong leadership, it is important to get three things right.

Our Approach

Mercer partners with organizations using a strategic and integrated approach to build global leadership capability. Our suite of offerings can help you to:

  • Develop a talent strategy that is linked to business objectives and future-proofed to flex to meet long term needs.
  • Define leadership requirements, leadership strategy and tactics, success profiles and critical roles.
  • Evaluate leadership bench strength through individual assessments and risk/gap analysis of the leadership pipeline.
  • Build leadership capability through impactful programs and experiences, and develop roadmaps for ongoing and systemic development. 
  • Use insights to inform implications for succession, performance management, careers, mobility, and rewards initiatives.
  • Measure success by leveraging evidence-based analytics that inform future business strategy.

Building a Global Mindset in Your Organization

  • Leading To Transform - a Breakthrough Global Leadership Experience

    Leading to Transform is a two-day, fully immersive program that develops leaders' ability to think strategically, influence dynamically, and lead change within a global context. Find out more


  • Virtual Assessment Centers

    The Mercer Virtual Assessment Center is a rapidly deployable, cost-effective assessment program designed to gauge the capabilities of high-level managers or directors in a virtual yet realistic simulated work environment. Download our PDF



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