Those born today will likely live close to 100 years, and the way they will live will be much different than today. From staying healthy and productive in older age, to reinventing careers multiple times and re-imagining what retirement means, lives will be completely reshaped. Now more than ever we need to examine not just how to live, but how to live long and well.


To help harness the power of longevity, Mercer hosted a unique event at the 2020 World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, to reimagine work and retirement in the 100-year life. Utilizing a design-thinking approach, this novel workshop – filled with energy and collaboration – enabled us to bring together leaders from across the globe to address this important social issue on a grand scale.


With a goal of enabling all to benefit from the experience, our new guide, Redesigning later life, presents the workshop’s findings, provides a plan for testing and developing solutions to help individuals thrive in a longer life, and identifies calls-to-action to drive innovation – and make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

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