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Creating effective change management during M&A deals


In this episode, we are speaking with Jason Jaross, a Partner in Mercer’s M&A Advisory Services Business. Given that we view effective change management as one of the keys to delivering on your deal thesis, we wanted him to share some of his experiences and lessons that may help your next deal.

Guest speaker:
Jason Jaross, Partner in Mercer’s M&A Advisory Services Business


Aligning HR’s role in deal making


In this episode, Scott Gardiner shares his 20+ years of deal experience to highlight his observations about the M&A landscape and the importance of aligning HR for successful deal-making. 

Guest speaker:
Scott Gardiner, Senior Principal, HR M&A and Transformation Advisory


Talent retention strategy during an M&A


What is the focus area on deal professionals minds? Retention in deals.


We discuss how to plan for retention during a deal and how to execute effectively to retain critical talent and protect their deal thesis.


Guest speaker:
Jon Nelson, Director of HR M&A at AT&T


How talent can influence deal insights


In this episode, we uncover how talent is integral to all M&A deals and how business leaders can use talent data to strategize pre-day 1 to ensure their deal will succeed.

Guest speaker:
Julie van Waveren, Mercer’s Global M&A Innovation Leader


Driving deal value in the auto industry


A shift to electric and autonomous vehicles creates new talent challenges for the auto industry, and they're only amplified by accelerating  M&A activity. Explore how leaders can manage these challenges in our latest episode.

Guest speaker:
Mike Ponicall, Mercer’s Automotive Industry Leader


What is top of mind for business leaders?


What are the pressing topics facing global business leaders in 2022 and beyond? Mercer's CCO shares his experience and perspective related to organizations' challenges and opportunities.

Guest speaker:
David Anderson, Mercer’s Chief Commercial Officer


Highlighting M&A talent trends in the technology industry


What are the key M&A people trends in the tech space, and how can other industries leverage this approach? Check out this episode to find out.

Guest speaker:
Aaron Chaum, Principal, Mercer’s M&A Advisory Services 


M&A Global reflections for 2022


Tune into this episode to hear from Mercer’s M&A experts from across the globe to find out what is on the horizon for deals in 2022.

Guest speakers:
Thomas Bouchez, Principal, Europe, M&A Advisory Services
Elizabeth Bryant, Senior M&A Advisor and Partner, North America, M&A Advisory Services
Toshiro Takeda, Partner, Japan M&A Advisory Services
Jiwon Jang, Principal, Korea, M&A Advisory Services
Dhruv Mehra – Partner, AMEA M&A Advisory Services Leader
Ale Fayad, Principal, Latin America, M&A Advisory Services Leader
Sharad Shrivastava, Principal, M&A Leader for UK & Ireland


Reconsidering health risks in deals 



Find out how a company’s mental health affects the health of an M&A deal.

Guest speaker:
Lorna Friedman, Global Health Leader, Multinational Client Segment, Mercer


Diving deep on divestitures 



In this episode, we discuss divesture trends and insights around an area that many business leaders mistakenly think is easier than a merger or acquisition.

Guest speaker:
Chuck Moritt, Partner in M&A Business, Mercer


Going Public: IPO vs. SPACs? What leaders should anticipate to ensure deal success

In this episode of Delivering the Deal, we discuss current SPAC and IPO trends and uncover the HR and compensation issues that arise when a company goes public through a SPAC or an IPO.

Guest speaker:
Teresa Bayewitz, a partner in Mercer’s career business


Getting culture right is critical for M&A success


In this podcast, we highlight the critical importance of culture related to deal success. “Culture risk is deal risk and to ignore it we do so at our peril,” Brent Heslop.

Guest speaker:
Carly McCoy, a principal at Mercer’s M&A Advisory Services, and Brent Heslop, Global M&A Business Transformation Leader at Mercer


What does the future of deal activity look like in Asia Pacific?

M&A activity has been on the upswing in the Asia Pacific region. In this podcast, we cover the overview and motivation of mergers and acquisitions and what other regions can learn from this market.

Guest speaker:
Dhruv Mehra, AMEA M&A Advisory Services Leader, and Haze Zhang, Greater China M&A Advisory Services Leader


Wake up to the people issues that sabotage your deals

Fifty-seven percent of leaders anticipate an increase in deal activity in 2021 and 2022, according to a Mercer survey, yet a majority of deals fail to deliver value because they fail to focus on people. Find out why it is essential for leaders to include people risks early on in their deal thesis to ensure deal value.


Maximizing Human Capital in SPACs & IPOs

The process of taking a company public is complicated, whether you’re announcing an initial public offering (IPO) or merging with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). For many organizations, going public is just the first of many steps in executing a business expansion strategy. Often, one of these additional steps involves a merger or acquisition.

Guest authors:
Jennifer Jakubowski Partner, M&A Advisory Services and Eric Warren, Partner, M&A Advisory Services

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Jeff Black
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