These unprecedented times are forcing us to rethink traditional practices. One of those emerging practices is talent sharing.

Sharing talent is one of the quickest ways companies can be socially responsible, help businesses, and support individuals during this period of turmoil. Technology that matches spare capacity with critical workforce gaps is a great accelerator, but tailored people solutions, practical advice and active support will help companies go from “we need new thinking” to “pragmatic solution deployment” in a matter of weeks. The need for an adaptable workforce is here to stay. Talent sharing is one way that companies are gearing up to meet the unprecedented challenges we face now and beyond the pandemic.






  • A portion of Lending Employer’s employees works for Host Employer for a  period of time
  • Employees return to work at Lending Employer with minimal disruption to income and well-being
  • Host Employer is able to efficiently flex staffing to address short-term spike in demand

What are the benefits of Talent Sharing during the pandemic?


Decreased Demand & Underutilizing Current Workforce




Travel / Airlines / Hotels


Retail (non-Grocery)

  • Contribute to the local company needs and support the economy
  • Potentially avoid terminations and layoff by offsetting employee costs
  • Minimize negative impact on employee wellbeing associated with loss of wages and/or momentary lack of purpose
  • Avoid future recruiting and onboarding costs when demand returns
  • Rebound with a re-energized workforce who have learned a new skill in a new environment













Increased Demand & Requiring Additional Workforce


Healthcare & Public Health


Groceries and delivery


Govt. Admin.

  • Efficient solution to temporary, pandemic-related increase in demand – avoiding mass recruiting and potentially future terminations
  • Maintain quality and service through experienced workforce, previously “credentialed” by partner employer
  • Opportunity to bring in talent and expertise at multiple levels of experience
  • Ability to monitor demand and flexibly adjust supply as needed, whilst engaging in longer term Strategic Workforce Planning

How Mercer can help

Guide employer through key decisions impacting employee livelihood and business resiliency.

Provide Temporary Talent Sharing Admin Panel app simplifying administration, including tracking, timesheets, messaging, and payments

Engineer employee experiences and communications to promote employee and leader engagement throughout process

Leveraging Mercer’s technology & partnerships to simplify and accelerate

Mercer TTS Admin Panel - designed to make the talent sharing process simple 


Mercer’s Temporary Talent Sharing Admin Panel is designed to make the talent sharing process simple and efficient. The admin panel includes:

  • End-to-end administration platform with payment management and tracking system
  • Transparency to end user, time recording system, messaging and feedback system, automated workflows
  • API integration with any HCM system, finance and HR reports, data security and protection, GDPR compliance

Accenture's People + Work Connect platform

Accenture's free People + Work Connect platform may help you find an employer with which to share talent.  From there, Mercer can help you tailor the approach to meet your objectives.


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