Mercer’s Technology Industry Practice includes thousands of health, wealth and career consultants serving our 900+ technology clients worldwide. This group partners with our technology client leaders to anticipate and shape their unique people and organizational agenda in an innovative, high growth environment. We work with industry experts, business and people leaders in leading technology organizations to anticipate workforce impacts arising from technology and competition-led disruption, and prepare for them through workplace strategies.



Leading through Disruption Research Series

In the past decade, the technology industry has continued on its path of unprecedented global growth, primarily as a result of significant advancements in digitization of data, machine learning, network capacity and speed, cloud technology and improvements in digital hardware – not to mention falling costs of technology. Technology organizations are now gripped with urgency to translate these incredible shifts into market advantage by transforming the way they work, manage and deliver value to their stakeholders.


Our Leading Through Disruption Research Series focuses on how technology enterprises can lead through disruption by recognizing the key forces driving change and the transformations necessary to prepare for the future.




Robotics Are Changing the Way We Work–How Can Companies Survive and Thrive









Artificial Intelligence, AI, Robotics. What does it mean? Is it taking away jobs or creating new ones? Mercer’s own Sheela Sukumaran discusses how companies can survive and thrive this technological disruption and digital revolution.

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