Advancing skills-based practices is now a top priority among companies. Business executives consider reskilling a top priority as they see it critical to their transformation efforts, finds Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends study.

Companies are at different stages of their skills-journey today. Mercer is well positioned to help employers due to its unique combination of Talent and Transformation consulting expertise, technology services and implementation capabilities, and world class data products. Mercer’s Skills-Edge products include Skills Library, Skills Pricer, and Skills Planner.

Hear from our experts on how companies can implement Mercer’s Skills-Edge tools to develop a robust skills strategy. This is the first in a series of videos that will explore how companies can leverage Mercer’s tools in attracting, rewarding, and retaining talent. 

The following resources are referenced in the first edition.
Getting Started with Skills | Mercer
Five Tips for a Talent Marketplace | Mercer
2022 Global Talent Trends Study | Mercer

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