Modern Learning for the Digital Era

Modern Learning for the Digital Era

Part 1: Modern Learning in the Digital Era

Addresses the critical role that learning and development plays in defining the workforce for the future. 


Part 2: Making Modern Learning Last

Addresses the critical role of learning and development in defining the future of work.


From changing customer habits, to automation and economic uncertainty, many factors are driving business transformation. Our animation looks at two fictional market leading and highly competitive retailers, Liberty Groceries and National Supermarkets. As retail moves online, both firms are on a race to digitize. Improving efficiency and having the right in-house talent will be vital to their overall strategy. This means that upskilling their workforce from within will become a greater priority. Watch our animation to see their two different approaches to learning, and their impact.

Rapid digitization has huge talent implications. Organizations must take a more agile, proactive and creative approach to upskilling their workforce for the future. Redeploying and retraining existing talent makes sense on so many levels, yet many learning programs have not changed much in decades. 

How can firms modernize their learning practices for the digital era? Our Modern Learning insights examine how firms can design and implement robust training that will support digital transformation. 

“Given the speed and scale of disruption, firms must be increasingly proactive in developing those skills that will allow them to compete and remain relevant in the workplace of the future.”

A Tale of Two Retailers

Axel Miller
by Axel Miller

Partner, Oliver Wyman

Stefanie Hasse
by Stefanie Hasse

Principal, Oliver Wyman

Antonis Christidis
by Antonis Christidis

Partner, Mercer

Partner and Global Products Innovation Leader

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