Here is a list of most popular Mercer content this year touching the world of work, reshaping retirement and investment outcomes, unlocking real health, well-being and more.

  1. The rise of the relatable organization – Mercer’s flagship global talent trends research 2022
  2. Future skills, future jobs – what companies expect to be most/least important to them over the next three years
  3. People Risks 2022 – comprehensive research into how managing people risks builds business and human resilience
  4. Transforming HR to deliver an exceptional hybrid EX – how to make flexible working work
  5. Unlock skills and build future capacity – why talent marketplace is key to workforce agility
  6. Is a 4-Day work week the cure for burnout? – how work schedules could level the playing field
  7. People first: The future of cities post-COVID – advice for employers in growing cities
  8. Risk and retirement: Where are the future financial hotspots? – heat map flagging pension gaps
  9. Skills create or erode M&A deal success – advice on how to mitigate people risk in transactions
  10. Leading the people function – how Chief People Officers can stay ahead

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