Mercer Mobility Management Platform

Mercer Mobility Management Platform

Mobility Management

Mercer recently introduced Mercer Mobility Management Platform  (MMP) in collaboration with ServiceNow. MMP helps manage complex mobility programs by bringing all aspects of an organization’s international assignments, along with proprietary Mercer data, together in one place. It provides an interactive, configurable, real-time data and content experience while simplifying workflows, lowering costs, reducing risks and enables to track return on investment.

The Mercer Mobility Management Platform combined with our full suite of consulting services make it even easier to get the unparalleled support you need in your mobility journey. Mercer is the only provider to offer their clients the data, tools and experience that will help HR professionals, Managers and expatriates meet the organization’s specific Mobility needs with practical advice on policies, procedures and program design.

As the number of international and domestic reassignments increases and the types of assignments take a variety of forms, streamlined mobility management is essential for both employers, employees and their families,” said Ilya Bonic, Senior Partner and President of Mercer’s Career business. “MMP leverages our expertise in data, technology,image desc for 47 and mobility service delivery to simplify and enhance the overall process for our clients.”

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Whether you are part of an organization’s mobility team, a vendor or are a local manager or an internal assignee, our digitized platform will support your needs and offer sustainable and data-driven results so you can be successful in your mobility journey. Experience the Mercer Mobility Platform today.

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