The Twin Trends of Aging and Automation: Leveraging a Tech-Empowered Experienced Workforce

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Older workers have traditionally not been considered a viable investment and these misconceptions undermine the economic case for retaining and retraining them.

Neglecting the older workforce is rapidly becoming untenable. Mercer’s Next Stage Report makes a strong case for rethinking companies’ current approach to age. It argues that organizations need to critically examine their demographic data and prepare themselves to be age ready at this precipice where threats of automation, aging populations, skill changes and scarcity, migration challenges and the need for new life transitions are converging. A workforce strategy centered on older workers is not just a defensive measure, but also a way for companies to reposition themselves in a new market reality.

With a wealth of both institution-specific and industry knowledge, older workers are poised to take advantage of new technology. Rather than replacing humans, technology can effectively complement human input and experience, allowing companies to reconceptualize older workers as “experienced workers” and put their value front and center.

The report, “The Twin Trends of Aging and Automation: Leveraging A Tech-Empowered Experienced Workforce,” focuses on how companies can build this tech-empowered experienced workforce using a technological integration process.



Key aspects include:

  • Repetitive tasks will be automated, permitting experienced workers to leverage their expertise for more value-adding tasks.
  • Talent models will be redesigned so that employers and experienced workers will have more flexibility in a structure that ensures adequate benefits and social protection.
  • It is important that organizations foster an inclusive culture. Otherwise, goals are likely to fall flat due to diverging values in the organization.

Download the full report below to learn how to craft a coherent response to aging and automation.

Download the full report below.

In our new point of view, we discuss how to leverage the experienced worker in an era of automation. Download the summary or full report.

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