Keeping Up With Global Pay Trends

How to plan for global compensation changes

Globally on average, salaries are estimated to rise 6.4%. Find out how that translates in your country and to the various career levels with Mercer’s Global Compensation Planning Report. Covering 145 markets in 124 countries and across 7 job levels, our data can help you make better decisions regarding your employees.

We provide information on the demand and supply of various skills, generational market conditions, and GDP, inflation and unemployment economic indicators. 

Are you rethinking your compensation strategy, either by creating a new salary structure or by looking at how existing reward packages compare with competitors? Mercer can help.

Mercer’s Global Compensation Planning Report is a valuable tool for those seeking insights into salary trends, economic data and labor market indices around the world.

Our data includes:

  • actual, budgeted or forecasted salary increase figures
  • percentage of companies reporting zero salary increase (salary freezes)
  • mandatory pay increase schemes
  • short-term incentive target and maximum bonuses as a percentage of base salary
  • job families and employee levels that are difficult to attract or retain

You can observe long-term and short-term trends in their specific marketplace by accessing our 15 years’ worth of economic and salary data.

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