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Embark on a sustainable digital transformation journey

Even before the pandemic, two-thirds of global CEOs had committed to adopting a digital-first focus. Since then, the trend has accelerated and expanded to include the employee experience. Today, digital transformation is delivering some of the most impactful improvements to the customer experience.

A company’s employees are all digital consumers in their personal lives. They expect to leverage the benefits of the digital experience at work, using it to enhance the jobs they undertake, connect with colleagues and move their professional development forward.

Just as crucially, employers should consider how HR can accelerate its own transformation. HR teams must design employee experiences fit for a flexible, digital working environment. This can mean shifting from designing experiences in advance, to creating them in real time.

26% of executives believe that their organization’s biggest challenge in driving transformation in 2022 will be related to inadequate deployment of new technologies.

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Three ways to accelerate digital transformation and virtual collaboration

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