Every organization has a vibe. In thriving organizations, a perceptible buzz permeates the air — people are genuinely excited to be there. These exceptional workplaces have found ways to transform work into a compelling experience. In fact, energized employees are 45% more invested in their role, according to Mercer research. Here, we look at the four priorities to creating a thriving work environment.

1. Craft a Future-Focused People Strategy

A new way forward: Traditional methods of HR strategy and workforce planning no longer meet today’s needs. A new approach is needed — one that is agile and adaptive, with room for constant iterations.

2. Curate a Compelling Value Proposition

Humanize the employee experience: Employees today want jobs that work for them — thriving employees are three times more likely to work for a company that understands their unique skills and interests. And 80% of thriving employees say their company has a strong sense of purpose.

3. Create a Thriving Work Environment

Bring out the best in your people: To thrive day-to-day, employees want clear career paths to know where they’re going and supportive leaders to help them get there. More than half (56%) of employees want curated learning to help evolve their skills and prepare for future jobs. Meanwhile, 54% of employees said managing their work/life balance is one of the top five things their company can do to help them thrive at work.

4. Cultivate a Lab Mindset

Evolving to stay ahead: Preparing for tomorrow requires a mindset that encourages innovation, experimentation, risk-taking and an unrelenting focus on data-driven decision-making. Yet, while four out of five executives believe their company can lead disruption in their industry, only half (53%) of employees say their company encourages them to try new things.

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