Mercer is excited to be returning to Davos this January — and to welcome you back to our acclaimed Mercer breakfast.


This January 17, we will gather to take stock of the many changes sweeping the world of work — including ongoing talent shortages, labor market tensions and the resurgence of unionization across many industries. Mercer President and CEO Martine Ferland and I will lead a panel conversation of renowned speakers and business leaders to address crucial questions about the shift in the social contract between employers and employees — and discuss how organizations are reassessing and shifting priorities to meet rising economic pressures, environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability and a changing economy of work.

In this new era of work, ESG issues have assumed a place of preeminence on companies’ strategic agendas, where it is increasingly clear that doing good equates to doing well. Prioritizing ESG can help businesses improve performance and win both customers and talent— but it also requires some fundamental changes, in order to strike a balance that will be mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.


Increasingly, leaders are adopting the Good Work Framework — redesigning people processes and programs to be more human-centric, sustainable and resilient. They are relying on an effective balance between empathy and economics to shape and lead their organizations in this new era. 

This includes asking important questions:


  • How can we rethink skills and work to become flexible, agile, and human-centric?
  • How can we meet demands for profitability while ensuring equity and attracting great people?
  • What role should companies play in addressing social inequities and leading environmental change?
  • How can we nourish people’s physical and mental health in a holistic way — protecting employees’ health and financial well-being, and preparing them for the future of work?
  • Why is empathetic leadership so important in the face of shifting economic winds?

To be ready for what is coming next, we must think beyond what jobs look like now, and transform existing work models to become more elastic and adaptive — developing a future-ready workforce and more agile organizations.


Join our Mercer experts and a special guest panel of senior business leaders as we explore these questions — tying them back to clear business results and real-world impact. Together, we can innovate new approaches to work to build a more sustainable, equitable world.


Will you be able to join us for this important conversation in Davos on January 17?

You can register for the in-person session here. I hope to see you there!


We will also be sharing post-event photos, recordings and insights in January.

Ravin Jesuthasan
Ravin Jesuthasan

Global Transformation Services Leader, Mercer

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