Building and sustaining a thriving talent marketplace 

Traditional approaches to talent management are being disrupted by evolving business needs, the war for talent and the pandemic.

By seamlessly and intelligently matching demand (for work) and supply (of talent), talent marketplaces allow organizations to respond quickly to evolving business needs while enabling different ways for talent to engage with work (for instance, gig, part-time or project-based work) and develop themselves.

The need for greater organizational agility and more seamless ways of connecting talent to work are driving demand for internal talent marketplaces. Implementing a talent marketplace requires a radical rethink of work itself and involves far more than implementing a new technology.

Our new report, Building and Sustaining a Thriving Talent Marketplace, is based on a Mercer study, survey, work and interviews with organizations who are early adopters and provides insights, lessons learned and best practices for realizing the full potential of these talent marketplaces.

In this report, we cover:

  1. The origins and business case for this new approach
  2. How organizations can use and launch talent marketplaces
  3. Outcomes and return on investments realized by these early adopters
  4. The importance of change management to garner organizational and stakeholder alignment
  5. Tips we’ve gleaned from our survey, conversations and work with organizations to help get started and sustain momentum
If organizations can successfully navigate the challenges of implementing and sustaining a thriving talent marketplace, leaders can enable unrealized potential and create more competitive organizations for the future of work.
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