The “Delivering the Deal” spotlight series is where Mercer’s leading experts discuss the most pressing issues facing business leaders and deal professionals in M&A today.

Listen to what Mercer’s Dr. Lorna Friedman has to say about how a company’s mental health affects the health of an M&A deal.
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Interesting moments from the podcast:

  • Approaching burnout

    "You're going into deals where people are already really exhausted. As high as 80% of respondents state that they're near burnout."
  • Health & performance

    "There is a change in how leaders think about health and how that impacts performance in and out of deals.."
  • Factors in retaining talent

    "Mental health, burnout, and flexibility are the three areas that leaders need to pay attention to during a deal if they want to retain talent."

Delivering the Deal

The unrealized potential of people in deal value creation

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