The Transforming for the future podcast series features Mercer's consultants who are helping organizations stay ahead of the curve by embracing transformation, exploring new ways of working, and reinventing their employee experience. We'll discuss the most pressing issues facing leaders today and how to shape the future of work so that your business and people thrive.

Today we are joined by our host, Christopher Poole, Financial Services and Insurance Program Director at Mercer, who leads the discussion with four of our industry leaders from the Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, and Life Sciences industries. 
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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • Rethinking employee experience

    "Healthcare leaders are now needing to look more broadly and more aggressively at some of the things they haven't tried, or  around rethinking reward systems and the broader employee experience"
  • Understanding the customer

    "In retail, you need to make sure that the benefits you are offering matter to your people."
  • Creating a competitive marketplace

    "Organizations in both the financial services and insurance industries talk about all the time with us what are the new skills you need to succeed in the organization and to be competitive in your marketplace. Do you have them? Do you need to Upskill reskill? And how are you going to attract this new workforce? So it's put a focus on the future of the workforce."
  • A new working environment

    "The other thing that [life sciences] employers look at is their communication strategy. They want to be more empathetic and transparent in today's new working environment, which will be critical."

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