The New Shape of Work interview series addresses the challenges and uncertainty brought by the coronavirus, and how to transition to a more agile workforce for the future of work.

As a result of COVID-19, work has had to transform. Understanding what skills you have in the organization what skills you need for the future has become an absolute imperative. Not just for the organization, but also for employees to know they will retain their employability post this period. As a result, what we've seen is the future work agenda has shifted from one that was dominated by AI and automation, to one is now being reset around more human centric values.

In this session, we welcome back Tripti Jha, Chief Talent and People Solutions officer at Novartis to discuss the importance of skills, building a skill-fueled culture, and how you might approach the talent marketplace as a way to bring in new skills to the organization, and to build skills more effectively in the organization.

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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • Upskilling the workforce

    "It's important to look at what is a skill that's going to be critical. Across industries, not just healthcare, digital transformation or upskilling of workforce is something that won't be an optional piece. This will be a must-have - we all know this."
  • Evolving jobs and HR

    "Jobs to be done continues to evolve. And the responsibility society [expects] from organizations continues to evolve. And as that expectation from society evolves from companies, expectation from this [HR] function also continues to evolve. How do you take a more human centric view of human capital? How you make sure the way people experience a company is part of what HR does. How does HR make an impact at the company and society level right?"
  • Reskilling ourselves

    "One of the ways to win [the war for talent] it would be through upskilling and re-skilling the existing workforce. And also really looking at where we focus, what matters most for our organization, industry, or I would also say for the society, and the role that he plays in it is critical. And one of the things I would really, really ask for all the practitioners out there is to recap is, first, how will we reskill ourselves."

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