The New Shape of Work  interview series addresses the challenges and uncertainty in the current business environment with a focus on how to transition to a more agile workforce for the future.

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Today we explore the dynamic synergy between DEI and the evolution of business At Novo Nordisk. Together, Heidi Dahl, Head Digital Data & IT P&O Business Partnering and Luigi Gagliardi, Head of Manufacturing IT, elevated the importance of DEI as part of Novo Nordisk’s transformation agenda. Listen as they share insights and challenges overcome in their journey so far and their thought for the future. 

Interesting moments:

  • Attracting diverse talent

    We took steps to become more agile and that opened up for a different type of people who we want to join our company. If we want all these people, then we also need to create a culture where this is actually a good place to be for all these diverse people.
  • A holistic transformation journey

    If we did not do this as a holistic exercise, together with the cultural transformation, the journey into agile, the acquisition of new talents, the work on finding the gender balance into the management team, all this together, if we didn't do all this together, it would not have worked.
  • The critical role of inclusion

    Two years ago so we mostly talk about diversity. And talking about diversity, it actually only created noise to be honest. So we kind of changed our storytelling about that, that this was much more about inclusion, not diversity. Because inclusion will bring diversity.
  • Educating managers on the DEI journey

    We realized that for the managers to really act upon this and really own it, as Luigi says, we simply had to educate them because you cannot work with DEI if you don't understand what is a micro aggression? What does privilege mean? What is the typical bias we all have? What are my own biases?

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How Novo Nordisk paved the path for inclusive business transformation

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