The New Shape of Work interview series addresses the challenges and uncertainty in the current business environment with a focus on how to transition to a more agile workforce for the future.

Organizations worldwide are facing big challenges. Whether it is talent shortages, inflationary challenges and how they affect compensation, or recession concerns in different countries, 2023 is starting as a challenge. Our conversation today features three global consultants from Mercer talking about the talent challenges and opportunities they’ve been seeing as they navigate this current environment. We are pleased to have Jackson Kam based in Hong Kong, Vince Cordova based in New York, and Raphaele Nicaud based in Paris.

Interesting moments:


    "Talent is much more fluid. Individuals are considering different factors, and I think it's here to stay. Therefore, for an employer to be able to attract and retain the talent they want, they have to really think outside the box about how to create a persuasive employee value proposition."

    "With remote working being possible, especially for digital talent, some of our clients are opening their mind and thinking, well, I don't have to recruit digital talent out of France where there is none left. But maybe I can think about another location."

    "If we step back and step away for a minute from the comp, the branding, the EVP and look at the fundamental nature of the current talent shortage challenge that we have at the moment. It is essentially a question of restoring the balance between supply and demand. So I think on that you really need to understand the critical skills or company require. Take a critical look at the broader talent ecosystem and see how you can bend the talent supply and demand curves to make the whole thing work."

    "I'm working with a client who has had in the past mostly brick and mortar staff. So all their policies are centering to this kind of employees and they are trying to get on the digital digitalization transformation that they need to do to survive. And it's really difficult for them to attract digital talent…the project quickly morphed [from compensation] into more of branding and employee value proposition. What can they do in terms of careers? What can they do in terms of well-being?"
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