Israel to expand gender pay gap reporting 

Israel to expand gender pay gap reporting Gary Burchell
September 24, 2020

From 1 Jun 2022, Israeli employers with more than 518 employees must publish an annual report on the organization’s gender pay gap. The measures feature in an amendment to the Equal Pay for Male and Female Employees Law, 1996 that passed parliament on 24 Aug 2020, and will take effect on 25 Oct 2020. Current law includes a gender pay gap reporting duty, but is applicable only to certain state or public entities. 

Under the law, employers will have to prepare internal and external reports that analyze employees’ average salary by gender, job role, and ranking, and publish the average percentage pay gap by gender and by group of employees. The first 2022 report must be based on 2021 pay data. The law includes a measure that allows the government to expand the reporting duty to include smaller employers. 

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