International Gender Pay and Equal Pay Regulations 

22 June, 2021


The requirement for organizations to report on the gender pay gap has grown substantially. We anticipate this this trend will continue to grow. Each country has different requirements for disclosure, audit or self-analysis.


The European Union recently announced new legislation (March 2021), which  aims to provide a legal framework for identifying hidden or nonintentional pay inequalities, and workers would have the right to access information about how their average pay compares to what their colleagues are paid for doing the same or equal work.


In order to comply, you need to first have clarity on your country (or state, city) specific requirements. Mercer’s Law & Policy (L&P) Group is a team of lawyers, actuaries and technical experts who analyze global legislative, regulatory, judicial and government relations issues. Click here to see the most recent monthly Global Legislative Update and to sign up for monthly emails.


Please see the links below specifically for L&P's coverage of some recent legislative and regulatory developments related to gender and equal pay.


Mercer works with companies across the world to:

  • Clarify country-specific disclosure requirements and support required audit processes.
  • Run calculations for local reporting and develop templates for repeatable use.
  • Help prepare internal and external communications, putting the metrics into context and helping stakeholders and employees understand the story behind the figures.

Download Mercer’s brochure to learn more about Mercer’s comprehensive offerings and get in touch with your local country contact.

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