The third in our successful series of LGPS panel debates focuses on how funds like yours are planning and executing their journey to net zero.

You’ll already know that you won’t achieve net zero by simply divesting from today’s high carbon companies, so our panel of experts share their experiences across a four-step guide to help you navigating your journey to net zero.

Find out how the following four-step guide can help your journey to net zero:

1)      Calculating your baseline: Before you embark on any journey, you need to know where you are starting from. Understanding your portfolio’s current emissions, transition capacity and green exposures, means you can clearly communicate your position to internal or external stakeholders, and monitor your progress.

2)      Assessing your portfolio possibilities: It’s not just about recognising and understanding the risk in your current portfolio but also the opportunities for change and transitioning that exist.

3)      Setting your metrics and targets: Establishing your long term goal is crucial but equally important is setting a series of milestone targets along the way that will ensure you stay on course.

4)      Implementing a transition Plan: Once you’ve taken the first three steps, you’ll be well placed to create your transition plan, before sharing your roadmap to success with your internal and external stakeholders.

UK Local Government Pension Scheme Funds (LGPS)

All pension fund personnel

Councillor Paul Convery: Chair, London Borough of Islington Pensions Sub-Committee

Jennifer Devine: Head of Pension Fund Investments, Wiltshire Pension Fund

Kate Brett: Head of Sustainable Investment – UK and Europe, Mercer

Tony English: Senior Investment Consultant, Mercer

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