Your How To Guide For A Successful Association Health Plan

  • RECORDED: 30 January 2019


  • Overview

    It has been a while since the new Association Health Plan rule was released, how is the market responding? Join our next AHP webinar installment as we discuss best practices and considerations for establishing an AHP.

  • Why attend

    During this webinar, you will learn about:
    • Key attributes of a successful and stable AHP
    • Regulatory and carrier updates
    • Mercer’s AHP solution and how it incorporates elements from large employer plans to enhance the employee experience and generate cost savings 
  • Who should attend

    This webinar is open to associations, groups of affiliated employers (e.g., Chambers of Commerce, Franchises), small employers, and others who are interested in learning about best practices and considerations for establishing an Association Health Plan.

  • Speakers

    Eric Bassett - Senior Partner, Dallas, Mercer 
    Jeff Ray -
    Partner, New York, Mercer 
    Wendee Wood -
    Partner, Oklahoma City, Mercer
Webcast details
  • Title: Your How To Guide for a Successful Association Health Plan

  • Language: English

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