Why a disjointed approach to mental health is failing to deliver

  • RECORDED: 28 November 2017


  • Overview

    Given the increasing efforts by employers to address falling health levels and, in particular, the increase in those experiencing mental health issues, there is still a worrying disconnect between how senior leaders think employee mental health is being supported and the true reality of the support for those on the ‘shop floor’.

    Webinar topics
    • Destigmatising and normalising mental health in the workplace.
    • The importance of organisational data to driving change.
    • Developing clear mental health pathways.
    • Treating employee wellbeing as a whole – not addressing physical or mental health in isolation.
    • The eight dimensions of wellbeing.
    • Creating a culture of health.

  • Why attend

    In this webinar we will address why the focus on employee mental health must shift from disconnected tactical solutions to joined-up strategic solutions.

  • Who should attend

    Senior HR, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

  • Speakers

    Dr. Wolfgang Seidl, Partner and Workplace Health Consulting Leader, UK and Europe, Mercer, London
    Paul Hollingdale, UK Growth Leader, Mercer, London

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  • Title: Why a disjointed approach to mental health is failing to deliver

  • Language: English

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