Survive or Thrive?: It Starts with Your People Strategy | Mercer


Survive or Thrive?: It Starts with Your People Strategy

Recorded: 22 November 2017

  • Overview
    • The best way to pre-empt the future is to create it. For organisations to thrive in the current environment of change and disruption, they must prepare for the future and play an active role in shaping it. Creating an integrated and future-focused people strategy will ensure:

      • the evolving skills and people needs are easily met, 
      • investments in skills have direct line-of-sight with productivity and business outcomes 
      • recruitment and career development have been re-imagined to reflect the new world of work 
      • management and leadership capability has been radically enhanced.  
  • Why attend
    • Organisations have an opportunity to create competitive advantage through their people. Our experts will share our Thriving Workforce research which includes input from over 800 HR and business leaders on “what it takes to thrive”. We will also provide a holistic yet simple roadmap to create a people strategy that will allow your organisation, your workforce and your individuals to thrive.

  • Who should attend
    • Business Leaders, HR, Talent Management, Organisational Development, Strategy, Heads of Reward, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Employee Relations.

  • Speakers
    • Julia Howes, UK Head of Workforce Analytics and Planning, Mercer
      Kate Bravery, Global Practices Leader, Career, Mercer