Survive or thrive? Cultivate a lab mindset-Workforce analytics & innovation

  • RECORDED: 25 April 2018


  • Overview

    In today’s business world, organisations have two choices: evolve or expire. Maintaining the status quo is no longer a tenable strategy. If you are producing the same products, providing the same services, and using the same processes you were a year ago, you are already behind.

    The only way to stay ahead is to cultivate a lab mindset – one that encourages experimentation, design thinking, risk taking, and continuous learning – throughout the organization. This requires placing heavy emphasis on customer insights, flexibility, and innovation, and constantly informing your decisions with data. HR is leading on micro-experiments to understand the employee experience and as we are seeing customer-experience and employee-experience teams merge, the science of human behavior has never been more in focus to unlock value.

  • Why attend

    Organisations have an opportunity to create competitive advantage through their people. Our experts will share insights and actionable solutions on how to be at the forefront of creating a thriving workforce by strengthening your lab mindset and application of HR analytics.

  • Who should attend

    Business Leaders, HR, Talent Management, Organisational Development, Strategy, Heads of Reward, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Employee Relations.

  • Speakers

    Katerina Psychopaida, Employee Engagement, Mercer Sirota
    Jennifer Saunders, Employee Engagement, Mercer Sirota

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  • Title: Survive or thrive? Cultivate a lab mindset-Workforce analytics & innovation

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