Rewarding Digital Talent

  • RECORDED: 05 September 2019


  • Overview

    Companies need to plan for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we are now entering, where digital skills are a prerequisite for success. But how to structure compensation for these talents, especially when the competition for that talent comes from all industries and everyone is looking for the same type of engineers? 
    The first step is to understand what leading tech companies are doing because they are known to have a good track record in employing these talents. 

    The webinar is designed for reward practitioners to help to tackle some of your most pressing needs: How to reward digital talent! During the session we will share market trends and data about how technology companies design their reward packages for high demand skills. In addition, we will share key metrics from our Mercer | Comptryx database around digital jobs indicating labour market trends.
  • Speakers

    Patrick Gutmann, European Leader Industries & Networking (Career), Mercer
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  • Title: Rewarding Digital Talent

  • Language: English

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