New Research: Learn Best Practices | Mercer

New Research: Learn Best Practices | Mercer

New Research: Learn Best Practices for Retaining Top Talent in Mergers

Recorded: 27 July 2017

  • Overview
    • In spite of the daily geopolitical chaos — M&A is alive and well.

      Consistent with our research findings last year (People Risk in M&A Transactions: download here), buyers continue to take greater risks, operate with much less information, invest in new geographies and deploy unprecedented levels of capital.

      In our experience of managing more than 1,200 transactions annually around the world, we see clear evidence that buyers and sellers who consistently drive exceptional operating results have a disciplined process for identifying, engaging and motivating key talent.

      In this webcast we dig into the issue at the top of every executive’s mind: how to retain and engage key talent during and following a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

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  • Why attend
    • When those at risk employees are critical to integration or to the organization’s long-term success, their potential departure poses a serious threat to deal ROI – and to the very survival of the new entity.

      This webcast will discuss effective strategies and evolving trends in employee retention. We pinpoint specific actions that organizations can take to hedge flight risk, engage key talent and drive an affordable retention plan as part of an M&A transaction.

  • Who should attend
    • This event is right for you if you are a Business Unit leader, M&A professional or HR executive interested in effective retention strategies in M&A that will drive your transaction value.

  • Speakers
    • Adam Rosenberg, Partner, Mercer M&A Leader for Europe