Webinar - Launch of New Mercer Financial Security Research

  • RECORDED: 30 January 2018


  • Overview

    Did you know that 82% of employees trust their employer for sound financial advice, compared with just 49% who say the same about their personal financial advisor? Or that 60% of the UK workforce is stressed by their financial situation, and only 21% think that they can save enough for retirement? What does this mean for you as an employer and what impact could this have on your business? Are you prepared to help your employees in regard to their finances?

  • Why attend

    Join Eve Read, Head of Financial Wellness at Mercer, and Laurence Evans, CEO of Reputation Leaders, for the UK launch of our new Financial Security research and to learn what has been found regarding financial security in the UK, and how you as an employer can support your employees and contribute to their short and long-term financial wellbeing. Participate in our webinar and receive a copy of the full research paper as soon as it is available.

  • Who should attend

    Senior HR, Reward, Compensation and Benefits professionals

  • Speakers

    Eve Read (Mercer UK, London),
    Lawrence Evans (CEO, Reputation Leaders, London)

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  • Title: Webinar - Launch of New Mercer Financial Security Research

  • Language: English

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