Introducing Mercer’s Talent All Access®

  • RECORDED: 08 November 2019


  • Overview

    Discover how the Talent All Access® Portal combines Mercer’s core data publications, online tools and actionable insights to provide global intelligence. HR Executives leverage this solution to inform their Total Rewards strategies and when reviewing their compensation and benefits plan designs.

  • Why attend?

    Join us for a complimentary webcast, live demo of Mercer Talent All Access® Portal. Whether you’re focused on business strategy or HR strategy, the data and information you can access through this portal is essential for any manager looking to understand the environment, identify issues, inform decisions and take short-term action. Mercer's Talent All Access® offers many paths to a vast array of content which is organized based on category, geography, industry, and insights. We’ve taken our data platform to a new level by incorporating a new, modern design giving you a simpler and more intuitive user experience.

  • Who should attend?

    HR, Compensation and Benefits professionals.

  • Speakers

    Alastair Hall - Principal, Mercer Talent All Access®
    Kim Bast - Principal, Mercer Talent All Access®
    Nele Verstraete - Principal, Mercer Talent All Access®

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  • Title: Introducing Mercer’s Talent All Access®

  • Language: English

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