How to engage an increasingly diverse workforce?

How to engage an increasingly diverse workforce? | Mercer Webcast

How to engage an increasingly diverse workforce?

Recorded: 15 May 2018

  • Overview
    • Engaging an increasingly diverse workforce – What impact is the rise of the individual having on UK business?

      • Why a one-size fits all approach to Health and benefit provision is becoming obsolete?
      • How do you ensure your current programme resonates with an increasingly multi-generational workforce?
      • How do you understand and meet the needs of a diverse employee population?
      • How will technology help you engage your workforce with individual needs?
      • Find out how employers are successfully delivering and seeing the benefits of personalised employee value propositions?
  • Why attend
    • In this webinar we will be exploring the task each organisation has to better engage their employees while providing a health and benefits programme that is relevant for each person across many different locations, ages, gender and health needs. 

  • Who should attend
    • Senior HR, Risk Managers, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

  • Speakers
    • Dr. Wolfgang Seidl - Workplace Health Consulting Leader, Mercer
      Paul Hollingdale - UK Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits