Webcast: How Can Behavioral Health Improve Profitability

How Can Behavioral Health Improve Profitability | Mercer Webcast

How Can Behavioral Health Improve Profitability

Recorded: 09 July 2018

  • Overview
    • Retail employers face many challenges as the industry continues to rapidly adapt to market trends. Among these challenges are the myriad of reactions and concerns experienced by employees in response to workforce reductions, changing wages, shiftwork, staffing models, part time work and uncertainty about the future. These issues, which are prevalent in the changing landscape of the retail industry, influence and shape emotional health and the impact can create lower retention, productivity and poorer health outcomes. And these issues are core considerations for employers and can critically impact the employer’s industry performance, profitability and “preferred employer” reputation. Research suggests that for every $1 invested in behavioral health promotion, there is between a $3 - $5 return on investment. This webcast will explore behavioral health concerns and provide a framework for understanding your employees’ needs, identify key considerations for taking action and establish best practices for measuring success. 

  • Why attend
    • Following the webcast, participants will have a better understanding of how trends in the retail industry are impacting the behavioral health/emotional well-being of their employees. They will also learn the organizational benefits to addressing behavioral health concerns of their workforce. Participants will also be provided with unique perspectives from industry peers and behavioral health experts on building a strategy to foster a culture of emotional well-being in the workplace. 

  • Who should attend
    • This webcast is primarily focused on CHROs, Directors of Total Rewards, Directors of Benefits in the retail industry

  • Speakers
    • Phil Merdinger, Partner, Atlanta,
      Mary Coniglio, LCSW, Principal, Atlanta
      Sandra Kuhn, MSW, Principal, Chicago
      Josiah Conrad, MPH,  Associate, Atlanta