Mercer | Webcasts Barriers to Borders: Mobile Workforce


From Barriers to Borders: Managing a Diverse Mobile Workforce

Recorded: 08 December 2015

  • Overview
    • One of the most powerful mega-trends for business today is globalisation – the increased interconnectedness of the world that has profound effects on trade, talent, countries and culture. In this season of webcasts, we will explore the impact that the change from ‘think global, act local’ to ‘think global, act global’ has on HR functions. We will share our research, learnings from leading companies and new thinking on how the drive to global system design and delivery has on reward and talent programmes.

  • Why attend
  • Who should attend
    • This session should be of interest to all HR practitioners, but in particular those responsible for mobility, diversity and inclusion, and talent management.

  • Speakers
    • Michael Grover, London