Collective Defined Contribution

  • RECORDED: 13 December 2018


  • Overview

    Advocates of CDC argue that sharing financial and demographic risks across a wide pool of individuals can help smooth ‘shocks’ and substantially reduce the risk of members experiencing very poor outcomes. But CDC is not without its critics, many of whom argue that it is no less exposed to the financial and demographic risks that have undermined other pension systems and the risk of future cuts to benefits will undermine their appeal.
  • Why attend

    The Department of Work & Pensions has recently launched a consultation to “shape future legislation for Collective DC schemes. This comes against the background of Royal Mail Group wishing to establish a CDC scheme for its 160,000 workers. It therefore looks as if CDC will soon become a regulatory reality. Many employers will wish to consider whether they agree with the Government’s verdict that “CDC pension schemes are an important innovation which will provide more choice and flexibility for pension scheme members and employers”.
  • Who should attend

    • Head of Benefits
    • Head of Compensation and Benefits
    • HR
    • Finance
  • Speakers

    Jim Doran - UK DC Governance Leader, Mercer 
    Glyn Bradley- Principal & Research Actuary, Mercer
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  • Title: Collective Defined Contribution

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