An Untapped Talent Pool: The Value of Returnships

  • RECORDED: 20 June 2018


  • Key message:

    Many organizations who are preparing for the future of work are considering or implementing “returnship” programs. What is a returnship? In a nutshell, it is a structured, company-sponsored program to guide cohorts of returning workers back into the workforce. 

    In this session, we’ll dive into the results of our survey with MomSource and our Diversity and Inclusion Network Members, and share how companies are investing in returnship programs as a solution to help workers adapt their skill sets, orient around new technology, and more quickly step back into a paused career.

  • Why attend:

    • Gain a greater understanding of the value of returnships 
    • Learn how organizations are preparing for the future of work
    • Explore new talent acquisition programs

  • Who should attend:

    Business and HR leaders who are invested in lifelong learning, or who are interested in opportunities to explore new talent acquisition strategies.

  • Speakers:

    •  Pam Jeffords, Partner, Denver, Mercer
    •  Rob Baker, Senior Partner, London, Mercer
    •  Kim Seals, Board of Directors, New York, MomSource

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