The great acceleration.
Positioning for reinvention.


 It’s time for investors to position for reinvention. The great acceleration - the period starting in the mid-twentieth century, continuing to now, where non-stop social and technological change has increased at a rate as exciting as it is bewildering - has reached an almost breathless pace, creating new challenges and new opportunities. 


Mercer’s 2021 Global Investment Forums (the “Forums”) bring together experts and wider industry specialists to discuss current and emerging themes impacting investors, such as the great acceleration. They also provide an opportunity for you to catch-up with peers and expand your knowledge and professional network.


Each Forum is hosted by our regional teams in collaboration with our global subject matter experts and focuses on the challenges and opportunities specific to that region, in the context of a world undergoing rapid change. The Forums are relevant to local and international investors, who want to stay on top of the global investor landscape.


The first two Forums will be offered as a full digital experience, and we hope to be able to offer hybrid in-person and digital Forums in Atlanta and London later in the year. This is an insightful opportunity for the investment community to come together to learn, share and connect, and enable valuable networking and in-depth discussions, despite the ongoing difficult travel situation.


The benefits of attending the Forums

Asset owners

Asset owners1 who register for the Forums will gain access to the main presentations, breakout sessions and the LSC sessions. The Forums provide an insightful and unique opportunity for the investment community to come together to learn, share and connect, and enable valuable networking and in-depth discussions, despite the ongoing difficult travel situation.


Learn, Share and Connect with asset managers


Learn, Share, Connect (LSC) sessions are 55-minute, manager-led sessions, that focus on innovative ideas and investment strategies and trends that are creating opportunities or threats for investors. After you have registered for the Forum, you will receive a list of LSC sessions available to you and will be able to simply sign up for the LSC sessions that interest you the most.


Asset managers

For asset managers2, attendance at the Forums includes access to a half-day session that features some of the leading global investment thinkers, and an exclusive asset manager briefing. In addition, each asset manager has the opportunity to host a 55-minute Learn, Share and Connect session for asset owners and Mercer professionals3. Asset managers can also select up to eight 30-minute one-to-one conversations with experts from across Mercer’s consulting, research and delegated solutions teams. You can attend one Forum, or become a member to enjoy exclusive benefits and stay a part of the community.


Why it makes sense to become a global member


Members gain access to all four Forums hosted around the world – Asia Pacific, Canada, UK and USA – that will focus on issues facing local investors, against a fully global backdrop. Members save USD $13,50014 in registration fees and benefit from a range of added benefits. Learn more



Important information

  1. For the purposes of the Forum, an 'asset owner' is a Mercer Wealth client or contact who is an executive, board member, or other key decision makers of a pension plan, wealth management firm, insurer, endowment, or government agency etc., who has received a Forum invitation from a Mercer consultant.
  2. For the purposes for the Forum, an ‘asset manager’ is defined as a representative from a firm that manages assets directly and pays a registration fee to attend the forum.
  3. Asset managers do not attend LSC sessions by other asset managers.
  4. The total cost of a global membership is USD $32,000.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

Members of some professional bodies may be able to claim continuing professional development credits for attending Mercer's Global Investment Forums.