The Latin America Diversity & Inclusion Network Meeting - Virtual Edition

28 November - 30 November 2018  Mexico, México, D.F.


  • About the Event

    On November 28th through 30th 2018, we hosted our first ever virtual Diversity and Inclusion network meeting…and it was a big first in many ways.

    We brought in thirty speakers from around the world to discuss an array of topics, from generational diversity in the workplace to D&I as a differentiator in the future of work.

    Some key takeaways:

    · In an interview with Rich Donovan, we learned how to understand disability as a virtually untapped market and true source of innovation.

    · We heard from Dell’s Chief Diversity Officer on his personal journey from engineer to diversity leader, and got an inside look at Dell’s D&I scorecard and KPIs.

    · We successfully facilitated a global conversation about everything from the #metoo movement to the future of work, but we rooted it in the unique regional realities of Latin America: a fast-growing society where demographic changes, migration, discrimination, and mega-cities are increasingly shaping the conversation.

    Interested in learning more? You can register and login in to the virtual theater to watch sessions On Demand and check out the resource center using the links below.

  • Featured Webinars

    • An Interview with Rich Donovan 
    • D&I Governance 
    • LGBTQ Inclusion Diagnosis 
    • EDGE Certification 
    • The Gender Gap Life Cycle, Brazil 
    • Generational Diversity 
    • Panel: What’s Next? Moving beyond CEO pledges to create culture change in the #metoo era 
    • D&I as a Differentiator in the Future of Work

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TITLE: The Latin America Diversity & Inclusion Network – Virtual Edition

LANGUAGE: English and Spanish

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