Embracing Technology Industry Rewards Trends in Europe

We are in the midst of a workplace revolution, especially in the Technology Industry. To keep up with a constantly evolving environment and accelerate towards the future, it is critical for organizations to understand how the dynamics of work have changed, and how that impacts rewards, attraction and retention of talent, remote working and other workforce related challenges in the industry.


Why attend

Join us to learn from Mercer industry leaders and subject matter experts as they draw insights from Mercer Comptryx and other research to share the latest Technology Industry Rewards and Workforce trends in Europe.


Guest Speaker


Themis Lamprou


Director of Reward, Booking.com

Mercer Speakers


Patrick Gutmann


European Leader Industries and Networking, Career


Carolina Vorster


European High Tech Industry Leader


Guarav Dutt


European Consulting Leader - Technology and Life Science Sectors


David Osbourne


Strategy & Workforce Analytics Leader – International



Venue/Location: Online.

Contact Information


Should you have any questions or would like to further discuss our virtual event, please contact: Natalia Czarnowska