Talent acquisition

Mercer’s talent acquisition solutions help clients to set up their employee value proposition, recruiting processes, organisation and technology to attract and retain employees who are critical to their future success.
CEOs report that talent and skill acquisition are the top two tasks asked of human resources (HR) in 2022.


  • We need to sell our story better to attract the best talent. 
  • Competition for talent comes increasingly from employers outside our sector. 
  • Attractive candidates increasingly have specific working preferences that we struggle to meet (i.e., work-life balance, LGBT expectations, pets-at-work, etc.). 
  • With greater remote working, we need to tap into broader talent pools (i.e., veterans, retirees, minorities, etc.) to access specific skills.
  • We see high candidate drop off rates during the hiring process.
  • We have high attrition rates in specific divisions which are hurting our business.
  • We are looking to outsource/re-insource our core recruitment operations. 

Mercer’s approach to talent acquisition strategy

Demographic developments, shifting values and digitisation are forcing organisations to pivot at high speed. In many cases, this means that organisations require new competencies and skills that they cannot develop entirely from within their existing workforce. External access to these target groups is increasingly mission-critical, supported by state-of-the-art recruiting tools. However, goal achievement depends on whether an organisation can attract and retain the employees who are critical to their success. Are you wondering how to transform your talent acquisition services so they are sustainable and so that your business is future-proofed?

A customised talent acquisition strategy for you:

  • Business/HR/Talent management strategy
    Must win battles with people priorities
  • Talent attraction and acquisition strategy
    Translation of business and people needs into talent acquisition and development strategies.
  • Talent acquisition services
    Services and offerings in the field of talent acquisition.

of executives worry about hiring the right talent at the right price at the right pace.

1 in 2

companies who say their workforce is energised use an AI-powered talent intelligence platform for external hiring vs. 30% who don’t.

Mercer’s talent acquisition services

Your employees are the foundation of your organisation. They determine the potential of your success. That's why it's essential to attract the right minds and skill sets to your team. Talent acquisition is at its best when all processes are interlinked and run smoothly. Our portfolio of talent acquisition services covers every phase of this complex aspect of HR and ensures that, in addition to an attractive external image, the methodical approach is internalised in a uniform and goal-oriented manner.
Talent acquisition check Employee value proposition (EVP) development and improvement HR marketing and relationship management
Alignment of requirements from the corporate strategy and the workforce strategy. Definition of target groups, analysis of current recruitment tools. Definition of target picture and clarification of tools and processes. Analysis of the employer quality and attractiveness, formulation of the employer value proposition according to authentic, relevant and differentiating factors. Development of internal and external communication as well as a creative concept. Alignment of requirements from the talent acquisition and workforce strategy. Development of a candidate relationship management (CRM) concept focusing on pool filling, pool maintenance (i.e., candidate interaction) and pool search in alignment with recruitment process and organisational set up. 
Talent acquisition transformation Employer branding and employer attractiveness Onboarding
Reorientation of the recruiting organisation, derivation of roles, processes and service levels (including state-of-the-art tools), and the overall design of a candidate-centric recruiting experience. Improvement of employer substance (i.e., creation of new benefits and offers), and the design of modern ways of working and culture. Design of the future target group specific onboarding experience, including roles, processes, formats and technology support with a focus on the overall candidate experience.

Talent acquisition services

  • Employer branding and attractiveness

  • HR marketing and relationship management

  • Recruiting and sourcing

  • Onboarding

  • E-recruiting system evaluation

  • Talent acquisition transformation: Content, processes, roles, organisation and capacity
  • Creative concepts, assessments, search and trainings

Mercer’s point of view on talent acquisition

We work with you to optimise the entire talent funnel and employee lifecycle with a focus on the candidate experience.
A company that wants to produce the best cars needs the best brains. That’s exactly our approach at our organisation – but such talented people can no longer be recruited with a ‘post and pray’ strategy. They have to be looked for and found. It’s so important to rethink our recruiting strategy.
CEO, leading automotive company

Why work with Mercer’s talent acquisition consultants?

Mercer’s team of consultants can work with you on a talent acquisition model that includes attracting the best skilled and talented candidates and set-up initiatives to retain them while maximising their contributions to your company. Our depth of experience and breadth of solutions means we can:

  • Work with you from strategy to implementation to the creation of your communication and media strategy. 
  • Share case studies of our proven experience in working with global organisations of any size and industry. 
  • Deliver examples of being one of the most awarded service providers in the industry. 
  • Share our global talent acquisition network and established ecosystem that includes many talent acquisition technology companies, job boards, RPO providers and agencies.
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