Talent All Access® portfolio – an agile suite of HR data and tools

Access a range of HR content that’s easy to use and quick to digest with Mercer’s Talent All Access portfolio of products.

Discover the power that the right insights and tools can have in helping you develop and execute your HR strategy.

Talent All Access empowers HR in a fast-moving world

Organisations across the world are having to respond – in real time – to uncommon challenges. To make the decisions that are right for now and into the future – quickly – your HR team needs readily accessible data and tools, quick to find and easy to digest.

One complete HR portal has all the information and agility you need. Mercer’s Talent All Access Portal+ (TAAP+) is a subscription-based platform that gives you fast and easy access data, actionable insights and relevant thought leadership – all in accessible, intuitive format.

And if you only need information/data on a select topic, we can provide that immediately – as a stand-alone solution.

Knowledge is powerful. Time is limited.

Make the Talent All Access Portal (TAAP) your comprehensive HR solution.

The right HR insights in the right format

The Talent All Access portfolio covers a broad range of topics including salary increases, benefits legislation and typical practices, car policies, flexible working, turnover and much more.

Whether you need a single market report, data for markets within a region, or data from across the globe, Talent All Access has an option for you — including the Talent All Access Portal+ (TAAP+) which includes the full portfolio, data insights and exclusive calculators, and tools.

With a TAAP+ subscription you’ll be able to access: 

  • Actionable insights

    Access articles, videos, infographics, checklists (and more) to help you manage the current and future needs of your workforce. 
  • Hands-on tools

    Manipulate data using interactive online dashboards and HR tools; or download Excel files to run your own calculations.
  • Presentation-ready materials 

    Grab graphics and visuals directly from our reports to incorporate into your presentations or use the pre-prepared PowerPoint decks.
  • Customisable calculators 

    Use our calculators to help evaluate cost saving opportunities and benchmark your company policies to others in the market.

Watch this short video to learn more about TAAP+, or reach out to schedule a personalised TAAP+ demo

How the Talent All Access portfolio helps you

Choose the content your organisation needs right now from Mercer’s Talent All Access portfolio or subscribe to the TAAP+ platform for agile access to unlimited resources.

Talent All Access can help you:

Insights that help

TAAP+ tools that help

Cost of turnover calculator

Determine the potential costs of employee turnover for your company.

Return to workplace space calculator

Understand how much space you might need to dedicate to hybrid and full-time workers.

Insights that help

TAAP+ tools that help

Market pay benchmarking calculator

Benchmark your salaries to the market with base salary and total cash compensation data.

Market pay differentials

Compare base salary data from two different markets.

Total employment cost calculator

Estimate the total costs of an employee based on the salary you are providing.

Insights that help

TAAP+ tools that help

The Legislative Digest

Stay on top of legislative changes as laws and regulations continuously evolve.

Insights that help

TAAP+ tools that help

Salary increase projections calculator

View salary increase budgets for years to come.

Insights that help

TAAP+ tools that help

Perquisites and allowances comparison

Review and compare perquisites and allowances for up to three markets at a time.

Work from home allowance calculator

Calculate potential WFH costs to create a customised allowance policy.

Insights that help

TAAP+ tools that help

Car cost allowance calculator 

Calculate recommended monthly car allowances for your employees.

Car cost comparison

Compare car costs across markets to maintain an effective car policy.

Work from home allowance calculator 

Compare car costs across markets to maintain an effective car policy.

Make the right decisions with the right insights

Whether you operate in one country or many, you’ll find data and tools to help your organisation

TAAP+ subscribers have access to all our data products as well as a vast range of insights (infographics, articles, reports, etc.), plus a selection of exclusive content, such as custom calculators.

Access data covering a range of topics, including:
  • Compensation
    Base salary and total cash, key drivers of pay, promotional increases, salary increases, and incentives
  • Benefits
    Annual leave policies, transportation policies, transportation costs, parental leave benefits, and statutory benefits requirements
  • Workforce
    Employment conditions, talent analytics such as management span ratios, voluntary and involuntary turnover, and in-demand skills

TAAP Publication Calendar – you always have all the latest data

The two Talent All Access Portal options provide you with 12 months of access. You can view all the available reports as you purchase, along with any updates or new report releases during your subscription. 

Other benefits:

  • Receive updates when new releases are available
  • Subscribe to Talent All Access® newsletters
  • Participate in regular polls and view the live results
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