The new shape of work: Reframing the employee value proposition and employee experience 

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Balancing employee needs and organisational needs

We are in the midst of a workplace revolution. People no longer want to work for a company; they want to work with a company. They are seeking a new deal — one that is fair and which offers choice and connection. In response, employers are redefining old work contracts. They are also evolving their return-to-work strategies so that they become sustainable future-of-work models that balance the needs of both workers and the business as a whole. 

If you are not rethinking your employee value proposition and redesigning your employee experience, you run the risk of losing top talent and being less agile than your competition. 

With the rise of remote working, digital transformation remains a critical pathway to providing better employee experiences (the intersection of events, environments and employee expectations). This, in turn, creates stronger business results. 

How can you best modernise the work day and reimagine the “moments that matter”? How can you thoughtfully reengineer work and transform interactions? How can you understand and empathise with the needs of a diverse workforce? How can you design and implement inclusive experiences that reflect what people value? How can you do all this in a climate of distraction and exhaustion?

Start by understanding your organisation’s employee experience (EX) maturity baseline. Then find opportunities to deliver those things that your people truly value.

Employee experience methodology


better employee experiences that drive impact.


experiences through the HR function and digital transformation.


experiences through continuous listening and analytics.

85% of companies are co-creating employee experience with their people.
Global Talent Trends

Three ways to enhance your employee experience

EX self-diagnosis tool

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Employee experience insights

Use design-thinking principles to define and shape solutions that will meet your people’s needs more effectively and bring out the best in them.

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Employee experience advisory

Find out how design-thinking strategies can empower leaders, managers and HR teams to drive positive change.

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