HR Transformation
Are you ready to move your HR system into the cloud?

Today, cloud-based systems are at the forefront of HR Transformation. A cloud-based HR system can help you better manage employee information, efficiently collect performance data, gain global analytics insights, cut down on IT licensing and support costs, engage employees, and more.

What’s more, a cloud-based system  is the backbone of HR transformation today. Over half of all organizations have already adopted one; those who haven’t stand to be left behind. 

Advantages of Moving to a Cloud-Based HR Management System

By implementing a new cloud-based HR management or information system (HRMS or HRIS), you can look forward to improvements in your HR data management and reporting , HR process flow, functionality and user experience.

But there are also many challenges to solve first. A new HR system has critical implications for how you organize HR and for the managers and employees who interact with the HR function. There is also the question of choosing the right one: the wide range of cloud-based HR solutions providers, from established players to relative newcomers, as well as an expanding ecosystem of innovative mobile HR solutions means that organizations have many vendors to vet.

Mercer’s HR Cloud Readiness Assessment Can Help

Addressing these implications and effectively handling change, means choosing the best cloud-based HRM system for your organization, and making the most of your investment with smooth implementation and user adoption.

Mercer’s Cloud Readiness Assessment allows you to identify gaps and areas of focus when preparing to implement the new system. After assessing your readiness, you will receive a report highlighting gaps to address and actions to consider for successful implementation.

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