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Mercer Private Exchange Expands Plan Choice, Reduces Cost

New data from early adopters of Mercer MarketplaceSM, Mercer’s private benefits exchange for active employees, shows that employees will “right-size” their benefits to more closely match their needs when given enhanced benefits choice and decision support. By buying coverage appropriate to their needs, many employees save money for themselves and their employers. Employers of all sizes and across many industries signed up to provide benefits to active employees through Mercer Marketplace beginning in 2014.

“The private exchange model has unleashed a wave of transformational change, enabling US employers to fundamentally rethink how to provide benefits to their workforces,” says Eric Grossman, Senior Partner and Active Mercer Marketplace Business Leader. “Private exchanges are intended to drive down costs by helping employees right-size their benefits, and Mercer Marketplace offers proof of this concept. Employers that offer benefits through Mercer Marketplace have seen an average drop in annual cost of $800 per employee — with nearly a third of these savings going directly to employees.”

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