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Institutional Investors Pursue Range of Asset Strategies — Mercer

Institutional investors — such as pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, and endowments — appoint specialist managers in order to invest in securities and other investment products. Each year, Mercer’s Investments business analyzes how institutional investors invest their assets by looking at manager searches conducted by the firm’s clients. Mercer’s Global Manager Search Trends Report is a valuable indicator of global and regional institutional investment trends.

Globally, the 2013 report shows, manager search activity remains buoyant as investors seek to allocate away from traditional equity and fixed income mandates.

Deb Clark, Mercer’s Global Head of Investment Research, says, “The trend away from traditional asset classes observed in recent years continues, driven mainly by investors seeking to diversify their growth portfolios and ensure that they incorporate multiple return drivers. Investors have continued to increase allocations to global strategies and more diverse mandates, including investment in alternative assets and diversified growth funds.”

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