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2015 European Asset Allocation Survey


After gathering information on nearly 1,100 institutional investors Mercer is proud to present our 2015 European Asset Allocation Survey!

After 2014 surprised investors with a dramatic fall in long-dated bond yields and a halving of the oil price, 2015 has already provided investors with plenty of food for thought. In Europe, investors have had to consider the impact of the sudden and unexpected removal of the peg between the Swiss franc and the euro, the election of the Syriza party in Greece, and the commencement of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank. 



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European Asset allocation survey

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“The combination of low and even negative yields across a number of Eurozone bond markets, modest risk premia, and rising volatility creates a challenging environment for return generation. To meet their objectives, investors will need to challenge their existing beliefs and processes and embrace less familiar asset classes and less constrained strategies. The key findings in our survey show some evidence that such a shift is already in train.”

Phil Edwards, European Director of Strategic Research for Mercer's Investments business


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